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34 Years of Deportation Defense experience


From the Brazilian Consulate

Dario Campos
"He has faithfully, for more than 20 years, assisted untold numbers of Brazilian individuals and businesses to resolve immigration and business matters. His reputation in the community reaches the highest professional and ethical standards…” Dario Campos Vice-Consul of Brazil in New York

From SIC Portuguese Television

Carlos Brito
“During the past eight years he (Mr. Apsan) has assisted us in obtaining visas for our employees. These visas include I (foreign correspondent), H1-b (professional work visas), O and P (entertainers), and Lawful Permanent Residency for our staff and executives. His law team takes care of every aspect of the case, making our part of the process very easy” Carlos Brito, Director SIC Portuguese Television

Luis Pires – Renowned Portuguese Journalist

luis pires
"Apsan is a distinguished attorney well know and respected within the Portuguese and Brazilian communities in New Jersey and New York. Moses personality and professionalism are undisputed. His acknowledgement in practice is above normal and his kindness and philanthropist are well appreciated by the community. Keep the good work Moses."

Awarded 5 Stars

Oliver Crespo, Professor of Psychology CCNY
Mr. Apsan is a competent, objective, and effective immigration lawyer who has a monumental track record of serving the immigrant community. I have personally experienced his competency and successful interventions with the immigration department. Therefore, I award him five stars and highly recommend him for complex and simple immigration cases.

Another I-601a waiver approved in record time

Moses Apsan

Another happy client returning from Brazil after an approval of a 601a waiver and her Green Card. Her and her son's process took 14 months. She had enough time to visit family and friend whom she has not seen in 11 years. Outro cliente feliz retornando do Brasil após a aprovação de uma dispensa 601a e seu Green Card. O processo de ela e do filho demorou 14 meses. Ela teve tempo suficiente para visitar a família e amigo que ela não viu em 11 anos. Otro cliente feliz de regresar de Brasil, después de la aprobación de una dispensa 601a y su tarjeta verde. El proceso de su y hijo tomó 14 meses. Ella tuvo tiempo suficiente para visitar a la familia y amigos que no había visto en 11 años.

Moises Apsan-éxito con dispensa I-601 I-601A Waiver Approved

Moises Apsan

Bajo la nueva norma, aún se requiere un proceso consular en el país de origen, pero para los familiares inmediatos de ciudadanos de Estados Unidos, una renuncia ahora puede ser presentada y aprobada antes de alir de los Estados Unidos. Esto permite que el solicitante tarjeta verde que esperar la aprobación de la dispensa sin dejar de ser en los Estados Unidos con su familia, lo que disminuye el tiempo que será separado de la familia. Los que no califican para la nueva exención provisional continuará presentar el Formulario I-601 en el antiguo proceso. Los que califican bajo la nueva regla será presentar el Formulario I- 601A y obtener una decisión sobre la renuncia antes de salir de los EE.UU. para la entrevista consular. Si usted tiene preguntas acerca de su elegibilidad para la exención provisional I-601A, de la I- 601 o demostrando la dificultad estándar, puede comunicarse con el Dr. Moises Apsan abogado de inmigración en 877-853-8510 para programar una CONSULTA.

Outro cliente satisfeito _Another Happy I-601A client

Moises Apsan

Em 2015, o advogado Moises Apsan, conseguiu para mais de 200 famílias a obtenção da dispensa 601A, que permite a todas as pessoas que entraram pelas fronteiras aguardarem nos Estados Unidos sem a necessidade de retornarem ao Brasil até que a dispensa for aprovado. In 2015, Immigration lawyer Moses Apsan, was able to have to more than 200 families’ to obtain a 601A waiver, which allows people who entered though the borders to wait in the United States without the need to return to their home country until the waiver is Approved.

Immigration Attorney

Raymond P D'Uva
Moses Apsan is not merely a foundation in the community which he serves; he is a very experienced, solid attorney who understands how to meet the needs of people from all over the world, from skilled laborers to newly arrived relatives of Americans. Moses has the respect of so many that he has helped because he knows their languages, and by that I do not just mean that he speaks other dialects. He communicates directly and effectively about the law with his clients, in a way that they comprehend.

From an international transportation company

Limco Logistics Inc.

I had a great experience with Apsan Law Offices, LLC. Moses Apsan is one of the best New Jersey immigration lawyer. He handled my very difficult immigration case. He is very knowledgeable & very friendly. I always recommend him to all my contacts.  

I recommend Moses for any immigration related matters

Marcio Pacheco, Executive at Microsoft
Moses has been my lawyer for over 25 years and has handled both my green card and citizenship processes. I could not thank him enough for his help and guidance. His team is super experienced and professional and the whole process was very easy, transparent and effective. Moses is always very honest and upfront about how the whole thing is going to evolve and was there to hold my hand the entire time. I recommend Moses for any immigration related matters as someone who gets results and cares for his clients. Awesome job!

A serious and competent professional to defend our rights.

Vera Reis, Journalist & Photographer
Dr Moses Apsan is an excellent lawyer, established in our community there almost three decades, speaks several languages and personalized service. We have many great references, because it really is a serious and competent professional to defend our rights.

Moses is the most knowledgeable and honest immigration attorney out there

Andrew Bersin, attorney and former prosecutor
As an attorney and former prosecutor I can tell you that Moses is the most knowledgeable and honest immigration attorney out there. He is also a great guy!! i trust him on all immigration matters and rely on him to give me the info I need

Exelente Advogado

Isabel Leitão
Exelente Advogado. E eu que o diga. Que Deus muitos anos de vida para . Beijinhos Doutor Apsan. E á sua equipa.  Eu lhe fico eternamente agradecida por ser o Senhor. Doutor. Moisés Apsam atratar do meu caso de Imigração. (A minha legalização) tudo de bom para o Senhor é o melhor. Maria Isabel Brás Leitão

te admiramos muito pela sua competência Dr Moises Apsan.

Maria French
Eu e meu esposo o Richard French te admiramos muito pela sua competencies Dr Moises Apsan.