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Moses Apsan is one of the preeminent immigration lawyers in the U.S. and many parts of the world.

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 Immigration Consultation

Our staff is experienced in all phases of U.S. immigration laws and can get you through the immigration maze and red tape so that your procedure goes smoothly and cost-effectively.

Our Immigration Consultation Fee

If you need legal assistance with US immigration matters, please schedule a 20-minute in-person, telephonic, or video conference legal consultation with one of our attorneys.  The consultation fee is $200, payable by credit card or PayPal and applicable to your fee (if you retain our firm within 30 days of your consultation).

If you pay online, please call the office to confirm payment and schedule the consultation.

If you are interested in consulting with Attorney Apsan, by telephone, video conference or in-person, please contact our office at 877-873-8510 to schedule a consultation.

If you want Mr. Apsan to review any document, please fax any documents applicable to your case to us before your consultation. Please limit your transmission to 10 documents.


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